Analysis of the concept of reliability in The Origin of Works of Art

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Xiaodan Han


In Heidegger's article The Origin of Works of Art, "reliability" is an obscure but not easy to understand concept.By contrast with "usefulness", we can find that "reliability" is revealed because of the self – manifestation of the existence of the appliance. In this manifestation, the existence of the farmer woman is also revealed, so that the farmer woman has a grasp of her own world and hears the silent call of the earth.Heidegger chose works of art to reveal the existence of utensils because: First of all, although utensils can show their existence by themselves, such manifestation can only be realized at a specific moment;Secondly, the disclosure of the existence of the appliance itself depends on abnormal behaviors or phenomena, and it is no longer the appliance itself that is playing a role.At the same time, the artistic work reveals the existence of the appliance depends on the image reproduction of the appliance.In addition, although Heidegger's division of the boundary between instruments and works of art appeals to the mystery of art, it does not lead to the elitism of art, because Heidegger's division is not at the level of existence.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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Art Criticism and Creation in European Literatures