Chinese poetry and imaginings of world literature

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Xiaomin Chen


This paper examines the role Chinese poetry has played in imagination of world literature in recent decades. The relationship between Chinese and Anglo – American literature elicits heated debates in European and American literary and cultural theories. This paper reviews Stephen 

Owen’s criticism of Bei Dao’s poems and the controversy and draws into question EuroAmerican – centrism that often treats literature from the so – called periphery as merely a variant of or apprentice to that of the so – called centre. It also discusses how conceptions of world literature, put forward by scholars such as Franco Moretti and Pascale Casanova, are to some extent trapped in centre – periphery, local – global dichotomies. It further analyzes Xi Chuan’s poems and proposes a networking mode as an alternative to reimagine world literature. The different imaginings of world literature demonstrated in various discussions of Chinese literature are important responses to the transformation from Cold – War opposition to global integration. 

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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Chinese Influences on Modern and Contemporary European and American Literature a