Academic Glocalization and Interdiscipline: A Case Study of Literary Anthropology in Sichuan University of China

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Xuyixin Giorgobiani


As the product of knowledge globalization, Literary Anthropology is a reflection of the relationship between globalization and localization. In China, growing from grew Comparative Literature, Literary Anthropology is seen as a way to study Comparative Literature in the future. As a new interdiscipline, Literary Anthropology borrows freely from anthropologic methods, making it different from both Anthropological Poetics and Literature. It is not only based upon the new methods and theories, but also rethinks the issues of science and human being.

This paper studies Literary Anthropology in Sichuan University of China as an individual case, aiming to present how one glocalization of scholarship which has long been marginalized develop. Specifically, there are three points need to be discussed: 1) the influence of local tradition;2) the disciplinary boundaries between literary, anthropology and literary anthropology;3) reinterpretation of interdisciplinary research.

However, it is necessary to pay attention that the case of Sichuan University reflects only one aspect among the multiple because Literary Anthropology is a global phenomenon. Therefore, the following paper uses glocalization as a method for it combines both micro and macro vision. Consequently, it shows that instead of confining to one certain place, a focus on a series of commonly fundamental prob­lems about interdiscipline from a perspective of globalization is a must.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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