Wearable technology in Media Art: in the case of post – mediatic form

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Soojin Kwon


When Marshall McLuhan stated, “Clothing, [is] an extension of the skin…” (Understanding Media, 129), the technologies were already out – running over imagination. Further into ‘Extensions of Man’, media are extensions of not only our bodies but also our psyches. In the centuries before the technology changed our perspective on media as a conceptual object; thus, forcing us to accept the technology to question ‘How to write traditions in post – mediatic turn in the Art?’ This presentation discusses the roles and meanings of (visual) media in a mediatized society which are inter – transmedial visual art mediums as creative methods. As well as how the performative motifs surface in contemporary arts; especially wearable technology in performance arts. Such as a video installation & performance artist ‘Bill Shannon’ who explores body – centric video installations through technology to incorporate movement practice of ‘extension of the skin’ as McLuhan stated. The two main aspects of this discussion are; 1) how have media developed from the time of early cinema up to current new media as a form of Art; 2) How technology changed along with post – mediatic turn in cultural forms. These aspects will try to discuss through Bill Shannon’s arts covering the possible outlooks; how digital media facilitate new approaches of wearable technology in the influence of media and hardware versus traditional concepts of Art.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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On Our Post – Mediatic Bodies