Translation and Bibliotherapy as Healing: A Comparative Approach to Reparation

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Stephen Zhongqing Wu


Translation and bibliotherapy, though they are cost – effective and versatile, can be deemed as a supplementary treatment to support the good mental health. This paper examines translation and bibliotherapy as healing with a comparison of uses in terms of their approach and effect to reparation for ensuring a good mental health. Their differences lie in that translation is vertical and output – based, whereas bibliotherapy is horizontal and input – based with the similarity of the use of mental and cognitive activities, such as translation and reading. The choice of the genres in literature also exerts differences on the effect of translation and bibliotherapy as a means of healing and reparation. Through qualitative research for the findings, it is found that translation and bibliotherapy can be considered as a cost – effective and efficient supplement for supporting the good mental health. 

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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Translation and Reparation