Oriental text as a tool for reconstructing the dialogical structure of artistic reflection in the late lyrics of M.U. Lermontov

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Tatiana Megrelishvili
Alina Maslova


One of the urgent tasks of modern literary comparative studies is the study of the logic of the formation of artistic consciousness and reflection as one of the principles of its self – development. In this regard, the problem of artistic comprehension of the theme of the East, Eastern culture by M. U. Lermontov, despite many years of research interest, has not exhausted its potential in scientific discourse.

In the report on the material of "oriental works" of the mature lyrics of Lermontov ("Dispute", "Dream", "Cliff", "They loved each other ...", "Tamara", "Date", "Leaf"), the logic of evolution will be considered the artistic world of the poet in the framework of the search for originality in the Russian – West – Eastern artistic interaction. A comparative analysis of the artistic interpretation of this topic in the works of Russian and European authors  – contemporaries of Lermontov will allow highlighting and comprehending both the universal and the creatively individual in understanding the problems associated with the reflective worldview and its relativistic functions in the mature Lermontov.

The object of the research is the reflective type of consciousness as one of the basic principles of image creation and generation of meaning in Lermontov's lyrics.

The methodological basis of the research was the work of M.M. Bakhtin, A.F. Loseva, U.M. Lotman, R. Barthes, M. Foucault, J. Derrida, J. Deleza, U. Kristeva and others.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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“West – East” Dichotomy and Russian Culture: Literary and Cultural Paradigms