Phenomena of M.YU.Lermontov

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Georgii Moskvin


Russian poet, novelist, dramaturgy M.YU.Lermontov is a world – wide known master of XIX century literature. Born in 1814, 15 years after birth of A.S.Pushkin, Lermontov inherited his artistic majesty and became equally significant for Russian literature and culture. Lermontov was killed in a duel (1841) being 26 years and 9 months of age, however he left after himself a great literary legacy: more than four hundreds of lyrical poems, about 40 narrative poems, five plays, three novels, and others. The main theme of Lermontov’s writings was a mystery of human soul. This phenomena received poetic reflection in passionate lyrics of Lermontov,s early period and in greatest lyrical cycle of last year of his life (1841), such as in the verse ‘I come alone on the road’. Philosophical, spiritual problem of a man as a subject of being was the deepest idea of the Lermontov’s poem “Demon”. The novel “Hero of our time’ became a reaction to the most pressing question: what is the existential essence of human life. The major intimate issue of Lermontov’s works founds as a quest for ideal love.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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“West – East” Dichotomy and Russian Culture: Literary and Cultural Paradigms