Event model of the autodiegetic narrative: German experience of the 18-21 centuries

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Irakli Khvedelidze


The paper's aim is to determine the structure of episodic memory presented in autodiegetic narration. To achieve this goal, it was investigated whether the cogni­tive model of events is applicable to autodiegetic narratives: event segmentation theory was adapted to the structural narratological categories. Namely, it was determined that Genett's term discourse denotes the organizing principle of episodic elements in long – term memory. The other component of the narrative, what Genett called story, is understood in our research project as episodic elements. The third component of the narrative – narratee corresponds to the memory process or narrative.

The research results show that each episodic memory has a conceptual framework, which is set by comments of the narrator autobiographer at the beginning of the paragraph, then follows the formation of the event model of the experiencing autobiographer, which in turn consists of perception, evaluation and action. By the research results it was established the criteria of change of the event model: at the beginning of the paragraph is given recollection clues/entities, to which representing memory is connected. As soon as in the narrative this entity is changed, it is marked as a change of the event model.

To collect the quantitative data, systematic taxonomy was created and based on it the autobiographical text of Goethe "Poetry and Truth" was annotated. The collected data were visualized and thus models of the event were established.

Until the ICLA congress it is planned to carry out comparative research with the same theoretical framework and methodology. The results will show whether the cognitive model of events established in relation to Goethe's autobiographical text has universal value for the study of autodiegetic narration. Autodiegetic narratives in German literature from the 18th to the 21st century will be taken as the research corpus.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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