Mass Communication of Chinese and Western Poetry Comparative Research Result – taking Chinese mainstream TV media civilization mutual learning variety show „The Synthesis of Civilizations“ as example

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Feng Xin


A large – scale seasonal variety TV show“The Synthesis of Civilizations”has been recorded by CCTV, which aims on showing cultural exchanges and civilizational communications between China and the world. It is expected to be broadcast globally in prime time, through convergence media in 2022. In addition to “Chinese Poetry and Western Poetry”, the program also includes “Chinese Painting and Oil Painting” “Chinese Garden and Western Garden” “Chinese Traditional Dance and Western Ballet” and other contents. This article intends to focus on this variety show of mutual learning among civilizations in China, the first in the mainstream TV media under the construction of official discourse, and discusses the mass communication access to academic achievements related to “Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Poetry” and other related issues.

The first question need discussing here is “Why Chinese and Western poetry”. We can discover from this TV show that poetry becomes the spokesman in literary field. After the interview with the core team members, we can see that the reasons are multifaceted. Firstly, Chinese Tang poetry masterpieces are produced enormously and Tang poetry often represents the self – confidence of Chinese literature. Secondly, compared with novels or essays and other forms, poetry has high public awareness, especially for Chinese audiences, they are more familiar with poetry than other forms; thirdly, as a TV program with a total length of 60 minutes, compared with the comparative study of other forms, the content, artistic conception and image of Chinese and Western poetry are more easily conveyed through TV lens, video materials and new media technology.

The next question: parallel studies have new values in the process of cross – media, cross – context and cross – boundary communication. For a long time, in comparative literature studies, simple comparative studies of “X+Y” type are not well renowned. But when taking “poetry” as the way to show the communication and dialogue between different civilizations in TV programs, the parallel study of Chinese and Western in the type of “X+Y” has become a necessary choice. Under such wide research options, parallel studies excel in their focus on the research problem toshrink the research scopeI, their shortening the psychological distance of the audience in the premise of “common” and capability to better show the similarities and differences of specific research objects in a short time.

The final question: whether such mass communication program is beneficial to the academic study of Chinese and Western poetry or not? And more and more non – professionals concentrate on comparative research, how does this situation become a positive factor for subject development? Interdisciplinary research requires cross – research perspectives. In the context of new media, with the development of VR, holographic projection and other new technologies, technological innovation has facilitated the acquisition of comparative literature information, material mining and viewpoint presentation. While disseminating the research results of comparative literature, can convergence media stimulate literary research to discover new research problems and expand new research ideas? These problems are undoubtedly worthy of academic attention.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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Mutual Learning among Civilizations through Comparative Literature