Maoism and Zanzibar Revolution

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Minmin Shan


The independence of the People’s Republic of China has encouraged revolutions in different countries and regions. However, it seems that the influence of Chinese intelligence services on Zanzibar is less knowable than those provided by the Soviet Union or the East Germany. Although the four main figures of the Umma party were all pro – Chinese, they prefer to eschew their “Maoist” identity. Actually, Babu, one leader of the party, was one of the first readers of Mao Tse Tung’s New Democratic Revolution. Another leader, Issa, has went to China several times. He was extremely impressed by the sacrifice which Chinese communist have done during the Long March and also Maoist admonition: “walk on two legs”. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to lay bare the influence of these experience gained from Maoism and the applications (including the establishment of the Ummar party and the overthrow of the ZNP government) of them in Zanzibar which brace the revolution. This paper finds that the Maoism has is diversified operation in Zanzibar socialists’ fighting for independence.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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Mutual Learning among Civilizations through Comparative Literature