The Futurology of Postcoloniality in Georgian Literature

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Mzia Jamagadze


The goal of the present paper is to discuss the challenges of the contempora­ry Georgian literature from the standpoint of colonial and postcolonial theory. At the present stage Georgian literature faces the challenges of reflection of global knowledge and tendencies, but not as a passive recipient of the global changes. Rather it should transform or create new narratives and new identities based on heterotemporality and hybridization (Chakrabarthy, Canclini) where the main focus is on the so called empty time filled with new contents, such that on the one hand local literature would maintain local diversity and on the other hand become the part the global literature.

 Obviously post – colonial experience of the country opens possibilities for the contemporary Georgian literature to orientate in the global literary context using certain methodological strategies. We discuss some of them such as postcolonial utopia, postcolonial dystopia and postcolonial heterotopia based on the three contemporary Georgian fiction texts, such as ,,The Shy Emerald “by Aka Morchiladze (2013); ,,Small country” by Lasha Bughadze (2018) and ,,Chewing daybreak sugar free by Zura Jishkariani (2018). 

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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