The Modern Interpretation of Chuang Tzu's English – Rendering Journey Within the Context of World Literature

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DU Ping


After Chuang Tzu was translated into English, it has successfully circulated among world literature and exerted a remarkable influence across the globe. This paper reviews Damrosch’s definition of world literature and reexamines the development of Chuang Tzu studies in the English world during the past century. Based on the refraction of culture, the force of translation and the inclusiveness of literary appreciation, it explores the factors in the success of Chuang Tzu as world literature from the perspectives of the production, outcomes and reception of the translation and reveals the mechanism of cross – cultural literary circulation, which provides insights into the translation and promotion of Chinese literature and ancient classics. The research indicates that the core value of translation during ancient Chinese classics translation should be emphasized. Besides, the translation should cater to the target readers on the basis of careful consideration of the source culture and host culture so as to promote the practice of Chinese culture “going out”.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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Comparative Literature and Oriental Literary Theory