Research on university spirit from the perspective of cultural comparison between China and foreign countries

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Liqiong Guo


This study focuses on the connotation, extension, formation factors and effect generation of university spirit in the global vision and multicultural background, and puts it into the perspective of Chinese and foreign cultural comparison to explore the similarities and differences between Chinese and foreign university spirit, so as to analyze the existing space, available space and Realization path of Chinese and foreign civilization exchange, mutual learning and mutual learning represented by university spirit. Through the comparative study of Chinese and foreign universities established earlier and representative universities, it is found that just as the importance of spirit to individuals, groups and organizations, university spirit has guiding significance for the development and function of universities, and also occupies the position of "core in the core" in the social value demonstration and spirit leading role of universities; At the same time, the university spirit has both collective commonality and individual differences. Once it is relatively solidified and formed, the university spirit will have a long-term stability and inheritance, and will also become a unique identification of the University. The collective commonality of the university spirit is more reflected in the significance of the functions of the University, Its unique charm and strength lies in the mission and responsibility of "the Lighthouse of human civilization" and "the ideal home of human spirit" in the inheritance and progress of human civilization. The individual differences of university spirit are more produced in the historical inheritance and process shaping of University individuals, which is reflected in its unique role. In addition to the above findings, the similarities and differences between Chinese and foreign university spirit also show unique charm due to the similarities and differences between Chinese and foreign cultures. As a sample of exchanges, mutual learning and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign civilizations, it has wider significance and deeper representativeness and demonstration.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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Comparative Literature and Oriental Literary Theory