An Ecological Readingon Latife Tekin's "Ormanda Ölüm Yokmuş"

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Emel Aras


Latife Tekin is one of the important writers in Turkish Literature. Her way of writing is full of symbols, images and implications. Each of her book can be commented through different theories or approaches. “Ormanda Ölüm Yokmuş” apparently tells the story of Yasemin and Emin, but the story is surrounded with many different images, metaphors and objects which have deeper meanings. The book’s name in English is “There is No Death in Forest”, so in this study the book is analyzed by using ecological approach. When we consider about the last situation of the world (global warming, climate crises and other natural disasters), this approach is growing importance. Also, her way of writing style is so different from classical way of writing. She doesn’t tell a story by starting at the beginning as a whole fictional structure. Her way of writing style is full of fragments and this has also a meaning for postmodern literature. In this study, this book is analyzed by considering ecological approach with postmodern literature. It is tried to follow the path which started with postmodern liteature and ended with ecological problems of the new world. It is evaluated that at which point postmodern literature’s problems could be seen on the basis of ecological approach.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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