Philosophy and Poetry (Fichte and Baratashvili)

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Tamar Lomidze


The article observes the Self-image structure in the works of Georgian Romanticist poets (Al. Chavchavadze, Gr. Orbeliani and Nic. Baratashvili), which is compared with Self-conception in the philosophical system of I.G. Fixte. It has been found that in these poet’s works cognizing of Self essence is realized in the same ways, which is observed in philosophy, that is, the Self poetic image has a notional structure. After that the problem of genesis of notional and picturesque thinking and their correlation in the antique epoch are being analyzed. It is mentioned that during the antique epoch, while appearing abstract thinking the image carried out the function of notion, but at the of Romanticism epoch, when the object of philosophical reflec­tion was the most important notion – Self’s notion – the image (in particular, Self~s image) was carrying out the same function.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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