A Study on the Female Discourse in Alcott’s Work Novels

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Meilin Cao


This article is a study of the relevance of Alcott's work novels and female consciousness. The ideology of "separate spheres" [1] prevailing in American society in the 19th century confined women to the family most of the time, but both in reality and in the literary imagination, women were constantly expanding their space outward. The work narrative in Louisa May Alcott's novels reproduces the process of women moving from "private sphere" to "public sphere". This article attempts to interpret this process, read Alcott's work novels in detail through the method of intertextual dialogue between the novel text and other texts, as well as the study of the social and historical context of the novel text, and explore the existence predicament of American women and the evolution of ethical ideas in the 19th century. This research has certain reference significance for gender consciousness and literary writing.


Published: Nov 14, 2022

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