Cultural construction in the translation of Wolf Totem

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Bo Jiang


Wolf Totem is a successful semi-autobiographical novel published in 2004, which is about a Chinese student who was sent in 1967 to Inner Mongolia region of China at the peak of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Goldblatt translated the novel form Chinese into English, and the translation which is very hard because it is full of culture-loaded words achieved tremendous success. According to Bassnett’s cultural translation theory, the translation process is also a process of cultural construction of the culture presented in the novel .The significance of this paper lies in the analysis of the translation of culture-loaded words in the English version of Wolf Totem from the perspective of Bassnett’s cultural translation theory. It finds out Goldblatt strives to achieve cultural equivalence, and takes domestication as the major translation strategy. Bassnett’s cultural translation theory can help translators select appropriate translation strategies, so as to promote communication between cultures.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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