An Analysis of Love Again From the Perspective of Feminist Naratolog

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Yang Han


Elderly women is one of the important themes in the novels of British writer Doris Lessing. Love Again is a masterpiece of her later years describing and recording the emotional experience and situation of elderly women. This novel is based on the emotional experiences of Sarah, a screenwriter who is getting older, while planning and rehearsing a play. It tells the emotional dilemma of an older woman who suffers after being entangled with several young people, and the process of her gradual self-restructuring and gaining emotional freedom through constant reflections and choices. This essay starts from the current situation and emotional dilemmas of urban elderly women. With the help of Susan Lancer's theory of narrative voice in feminist narratology, it takes "missing" authorial narrative voice, "blurred" personal narrative voice and "wheel of speech" collective narrative voice as the entry points to interpret the works, analyzes the connection between women's growth and narrative voice, reveals the social moral constraints and ethical values carried by elderly women, and explores the emotional crisis and the way out for urban elderly women.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Literature and Culture