Deconstraction of Modern Authors text in Post-soviet Azerbaijani Prose (Anar'a “Sixth Floor of a Five-Storey House” and “Bornbutterfly” by Ziyad Guluzadeh)

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Elnara Garagyezova


In postmodern Azerbaijani prose, deconstruction is based not only on canonical texts and archetypes, but also on deconstructive versions of more modern literary texts. One of the most interesting works from this point of view is Anar's novel "The Sixth Floor of a Five-Story House". Anar's "Sixth Floor of a Five-Story House" is dedicated to one of the eternal literary themes - the defeat of two young people in the face of the unwritten laws of society, unrequited love. Anar's novel "The Sixth Floor of a Five-Story House" has maintained its popularity among readers since its inception. After the screening of the work, the images of Tahmina and Zaur became loved and recognized not only by readers, but also by the audience. Two new works based on the motives of this novel were written in the Azerbaijani literature of the independence period - Gunel Anargizi's novel "The Sixth" and Ziyad Guluzadeh's "BornButterfly". Gunel Anargizi's novel "The Sixth" was written in the form of Tahmina's diary. In Ziyad Guluzadeh's novel "BornButterfly", one of the interesting examples of postmodern Azerbaijani prose, ANAR'S novel "The sixth floor of a five-storey house" was completely deconstructed. Ziyad Guluzadeh creates an alternative plot to Anar's plot and presents one of the possible artistic solutions of Tahmina and Zaur's love destiny after marriage. Thus, the creation of a deconstructive version of "The Sixth Floor of a Five-Story House" in the novel "BornButterfly" conditions the acceptance of Anar's work as the main text and canonizes the novel. This novel also shows the beginning of the next stage of the deconstructive process in postmodern Azerbaijani prose through the deconstruction of closer literary texts in terms of time.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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The Post-Soviet Literary Space and the World after Cold War