Religious/Philosophical Movements – Bhakti Cult and Sufism: Interface with Literature

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Jayshree Singh


The rise of vernacular languages and local dialects emerged the revival of classical myths in literature, there was in a way revival of Hindu Renaissance and Religious Reformation in the Mediaeval History of India. These languages materially aided in the development of national and human consciousness and self-realization. It indeed undermined the feudal order and universal religious intolerance and casteism in India. The vernacular languages established through their respective literatures fundamental truth, that there is a divine power and interference behind human force and the ultimate goal of individual and society is the social, religious, political unity and economic justice. Yet, there was gruesome picture of society in India where heretics were punished both by Hindus and Muslims respectively in their own communities, as it was treason to doubt the already prevalent teachings and principles of prescribed religions i.e. Hinduism and Islam. 

The research study will investigate and recognize the writings of various saints from inter-state/regional areas of India during the mediaeval age irrespective of their caste, sect or religion. This research work will set a pattern of comparative analysis in context of representation, assimilation and enculturation. The great doctrines, philosophies and sayings will be studied logically in context of socio-cultural linguistics and spatio-temporal consequences on the state and circumstances of the orients, artists and litterateurs. How these transformed the political thoughts of the kings and emperors of mediaeval history of India? This scientific study of the available archives will cover the religious movements of this period especially how these enriched provincial languages and literature. The research project study will emphatically concentrate on the greatest merit of both these (Bhakti and Sufism) parallel religious movements, keeping in view the point that they freed the Indian society from the dogmatic beliefs, ritualism, caste and commercial hatred. 

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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