Blogosphere as a source of alternative sex pedagogy

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Aritra Saha


I examine Indian sex blogosphere as alternative source of sex pedagogy in the present times. The sex industry is a network of symbolism. The symbols include blogs, sex toys, sex fantasy, visual materials among other things. The sex blogosphere reorients traditional notions of sex and sexuality. Blogosphere converts sex into a network of lifestyle performances and consumptions. I analyze sex blogs that are written by digital lifestyle magazines. The commercial websites selling sex and wellness products also produce blogs. Both the spaces allow some amount of autonomy to talk about sex. Women, men and people of non-binary genders find a conversational space through blogosphere. I discuss the ways in which these blogs shape, reorient and regenerate DIY sex cultures. The DIY sex culture generating from sex blogosphere is non-traditional and customized.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Literature and Culture